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About TCP

- The Co-Operation Program(TCP)is a program launched by Lockin China that assisting Chinese students who study abroad to achieve more internship opportunities.

- TCP will recommend outstanding students from 100 global top class universities to Chinese companies, to enlarge the talents storing for employers.

The Co-Operation Program(TCP)Agenda 2017

Top Companies Internship Program

Time: Feb. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Lockin China selects attractive paid internship positions which are referring the core business area from Chinese leading companies in multiple industries. These internships are an increasingly important way to help the students from the partner universities gain professional experience, and find a good job when graduate.

Career Open Day Program

Time: Apr. 2017

The Career Open Day Program contributes to give students and universities an insight of the leading companies, to help them get firsthand experience of working and more information such as job profiles and career progression about the employers. This is an excellent opportunities for universities to network and create relationships with the employers and recommend graduates or find out more cooperation in future.

Global Information Session

Time: Feb. 2017 - Sep. 2017

Lockin China invites Chinese leading employers to hold information session tour among the partner universities to make up an in-depth presentation to graduates. In the information session, the employers provide an overview, culture, and hiring process of the companies, and share career opportunities and career paths. Some outstanding graduates even maybe employed then.


For Students

The Co-Operation Program(TCP)will help Chinese students who study abroad find paid internship focusing on the core business area in Chinese leading companies, get firsthand working experience and increase the competitiveness of career.

For Universities

The Co-Operation Program(TCP)provides partner universities 1000+ paid internship positions of Chinese leading employers, companies open day and information sessions to help Chinese talents solve the issue of employment, and establish the reputation of universities in Chinese recruitment marketplace.

For Employers

The Co-Operation Program(TCP)links 100 high class universities to Chinese leading companies, help employers find outstanding graduates and overseas talents. Through the promotion in the global universities, the brand awareness and influence of employers could be widely diffused.